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Three arrested two people arrested for suspected dumping of garbage on Kan Hwa Mountain, a part denied | Hebei Shimbun Online News

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Three arrested Mikoshi and others arrested for suspected dumping of garbage in Kanghwa Mountain, a person denied in part

Cliff of download site (center of images). Waste deposited near the coastline (bottom right) = At ​​the end of May, the Kinhwa mountain in Ishinomaki

Okuma (left) taken by the Sendai center of the sanctuary = in the city of Sendai around 6:10 a. December 12, 2-chome Asahigaoka Aoba-ku

The Miyagi prefectural police protection department and Ishinomaki prefectural police said on Monday that the illegal landfill of garbage on the cliff of Mount Kinhwa of Miyagi Prefecture, Ishinomaki City Ayukawahama Kanghwa – san, the same employee of the Tadashi Komatsu sanctuary (49 ) = Same =, the former civil servant of the sanctuary and arrested to 3 suspects of the personnel of Osaki Hachimanguu Hitoshi Atsushi (43) = Higashimatsushima livestock network.
Osaka and Komatsu allegedly arrested on suspicion of leaving about 50 kilometers of fluorescent lights and covers used on the cliff coasts from June 6 to 9, 2017 in collusion. Hino is allegedly arrested for suspicion of knocking down 11 iron lanterns (a total of approximately 1.9 tonnes) in the same cliff from July 19 to 21. Okuma suspects the prefectural police ordered dumping.
The prefectural police arrested Okuma on Monday morning at a point on the Sendai path in Aoba-ku, Sendai and both Komatsu and Hino at home. In response to the investigation, Okuma suspects that "I do not know", Komatsu denied the allegations with "I do not remember", and Hino allegedly denied that he was "abandoned but not illegal." Ali.
According to the prefectural police, the cliff where the garbage was discarded is about 20 meters wide and the incline length is about 30 meters. It is located about 200 meters northwest of the entrance to Omotesando del Santuario. At the end of April this year, the prefectural police checked about 150 cubic meters of garbage, such as refrigerators and vending machines on the cliffs. It is said that there is a great chance that garbage was removed for at least 30 years.
Kinkahama floating on the tip of the Oshika peninsula is an island with an altitude of 445 meters and an outer periphery of 26 km. It counts as one of the Northeast Mountains of Tres Lord and many visitors arrive. Minami – Sanriku Kin – National Park of Huzan Monuments including Kinka – san was transferred to the National Reconstruction Park of Sanriku in March 2003 and a conscious use of the landscape is required.

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