Wednesday , June 23 2021

Three were registered for the mayors elections of Ota-Sankara News

Three people attend Mayor Sanka News of Ota

Tokyo> The presidential elections in Chuo-ku, Tokyo are notified on day 14, and none of them belongs to just arrived Jun Kanda (71) = Tachimin, communist, freedom, corporate citizen, net recommendation of life = and Tadayoshi Matsubara. Mr. (76) = Three people, LDP, appointment of Komei and Mr. Okataka (43) presented their candidates. Go to the list of political articles Related articles Elections of the leader of the Toshima room Four new candidates for candidacy Tochigi / Nasu-Shiobara Elections mayors Two new candidates for candidacy Notifications as 86 mayors There are no voting elections also after the other Saitama. Chiba, 16 city council notification of 14 years 510 fixed people in total set 409 or no

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