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[사회]Health insurance premiums earn income below 20 million won



An estimated 6.5 trillion more will be needed to strengthen health insurance protection.

To face up to growing financial demands, we decided to impose health insurance premiums in income from income and financial income of less than 20 million won.

He is reported by journalist Han Young Kyu.


If you include measures already added to the existing "MoonJin In Care", you will need about $ 41.6 trillion in financing health insurance for five years as of this year.

For this reason, health insurance premiums will increase steadily more than 3% every year.

We will increase 3.49% each year by 2022, and will increase by 3.2% per year as of 2023.

To expand the income from health insurance premiums, we decided to impose premiums for rental income of less than 20 million won per year starting next November.

In addition, we decided to promote health insurance premiums for financial revenues of less than 20 million won, which are taxed separately and for temporary income obtained by high-performance freelancers.

[권덕철 / 보건복지부 차관 : 2025년도에 초고령화 사회에 들어가기 때문에 상대적으로 의료비를 어떻게 잘 관리할 것인지가 굉장히 중요할 것이라고 생각됩니다.]

To face the increase in the medical expenses of old age in a society of more age, we decided to analyze the external subsidy of the elderly.

I decided to gradually adjust the fixed rate for people over 65 years of age to 70 years or more.

To avoid an unnecessary flight of health insurance, we decided to prevent long-term hospitalization at the nursing hospital and eliminate the illegal secretary's hospital.

The government intends to maintain the health insurance reserve more than 10 billion won thanks to such measures.

However, it is unclear whether the government plan will be followed, as coverage of health insurance is expected to increase considerably due to the strengthening of health insurance protection and the aging of society.

YTN is Han Young Kyu.

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