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[종합] "I am a real girlfriend", "Jae Hoon", "Chae Soo Bin", "Wearable" → go straight

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Lee Hoonhun & # 39; Woo Gyoksi Stars & # 39; He revealed a calceable for Chae Soo Bin.

In the SBS "Fox Gates Star" drama released on December 12, Lee Soo-yeon (Lee Soo-hoon) showed his own show for Midsummer.

On this day, midday was stabbed by a knife when stopping or strangulation. Young-joo called Lee Soo-yeon and announced the news of the accident in the summer.

At that moment, Lee Soo-yeon left the wheelchair without using a worn wheelchair and ran to a student and dropped the cell phone into the ground. He fought to pick up his cell phone, but he fell into a wheelchair.

Lee Su – yeon was furious that he was injured in the summer, and went to an airport official, a former lover of Ndong – bum, and said, "I will never be reprisals. After that, he went directly to the criminal and punished him for an indiscriminate assault on the corridor. He called the security team and informed him where he was.

The author was found in an airport bathroom, tied to a cheong tape. The security team was surprised, and Choi Choi (Lee Seong-wook) suspects Lee Soo-yeon. He objected to Lee Yang's so-Yeon's lawsuit (Kim Ji-soo), saying: "I can not close my eyes trying to risk someone." Yang said: "It's a kind of violence to suspect and go back without evidence."

Mr. Chang (Park Hyeok – Kwon) confirmed that Lee Su – yeon 's assault cried. He said: "You, tired first day, forgot what you said? Your new power is a gift for a normal life. You can not use it as a gift to hurt people or use it for your greed." He said.

Lee Soo-yeon said: "I do not want to do anything for my loved ones, but I should not do anything like that. Mr. Jang said:" I do not know what will happen next to your body. Do not be ravenous, just normal everyday life. "

Fortunately, noon recovered consciousness and recovered. Lee Su-yeon went to summer during the summer and met his mother, Yoon Hye-won (Kim Ye Jin). Le Su – yeon said: "I really like summer" and Yoon Hye won what Lee Soo – yeon is doing and said: "Is the shooter who can not feel the pain? It will hurt a lot, but it does not stop froze. It would be difficult. Youth, "he said.

Lee Soo-yeon later told me that Han Jae-young (Choi Won-young), a summer summer, rescued himself. Yoon Hye-won said: "It's very strange that you have a relationship.

Meanwhile, Chief Chef exhorts Seo In – woo (Lee Dong – kun) and says: "Is Lee Su – yeon in the team there?" His name is Lee Su – yeon.

I do not know why I do not know Le Su-yeon, and I do not know Lee Soo-yeon, but I do not know if I can do it. He left and opened the seat. The head of the commission ordered Lee Su – yeon to investigate.

Lee Soo-yeon and Midsummer had their hands and walked at night and confirmed the love of others with successive kisses. Lee Soo-yeon, an old summer mother of Yoon Hye-won, said: "Do you really want summer? It may be different before you like it, but it can be difficult because it's different when you start to come out." They advised him.

Lee Soo – yeon decided to confess in summer, heading home with a summer moon. "I have to show you," he said, pulling out his clothes from the back of the summer. This summer, misunderstood by Lee Soo-yeon's intention, "I have not yet been prepared for it, so if you're naked," he doubted.

Since then, Midsummer is surprised to see Lee Su-yeon usable. Lee Soo-yeon said: "This is really me, I am such a different person.
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