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& # 39; Swing Kids & # 39; Doh, Kyoung-soo "Tap-dance was as fun as learning musical instruments"

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Exo, Dio, Swing Kids

Actor Kyoung-soo is greetings to the movie "Swing Kids" at the SMTOWN in COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 12th. / Lsh87 @

Actor Doo Kyung Su expressed his feelings to star in the movie "Swing Kids".

In the SMTOWN Theater of COEX atsumum, Seoul, on the 12th, a production meeting of "Swing Kids" was held. Director Kang Hyung-chul and the actors Dook Kyoung, Park Hye-soo and Oh Jeong-see attended.

Doosung assumed the problem swimmer of Swing Kids dance group. He was actively active in the drama "The Sung Kwang's Sister" after the recent "With God" movie. "I'm glad to see the public with" Swing Kids ". I think I can show you what I did not see before."

Dohyeongsu shaved himself for the movie and lost weight. I studied North Korea. "I have prepared a lot of dancing in many ways. It was different from the dance of the activity of the singer I'm doing now," and "Tap Dance was fun as learning a musical instrument. I did not even know the hard line," he reminded in his moment "North Korea was very unknown at first. The North Korean professor emphasized the point. He used to it when he shot," he said.

& # 39; Swing Kids & # 39; is a movie about the heartrending story of Swing Kid, a mixed dancer who danced in 1951 with a passion for dance. It will be published on December 19th.

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