A unique golf player … Kim Si-woo, a member of Masters,


It is unique as a Korean golf player. Kim Si-woo (23, CJ Korea Express) will go to the first major Masters tournament of the season's tournament called "Master Heat."

The Augusta national golf club has been announced as a member. Fred Couples and Sloth Sloth & # 39; J.B. Holmes (United States) will play with the first two rounds.

The organizers of the Masters announced the formation of the first and second round on the 10th (Korea time). Kim, Siwoo, Pairs and Holmes were in the same group. The tournament is scheduled to begin on day 12.

Couples are the favorite players of American gamers. The modes are good enough to be called sanctuaries.

He won 15 tournaments for the PGA Tour of the United States and won the Masters in 1992 during his life.

This is the 34th Masters. Couples were among the top 10 of 11 of them. Augusta is a veteran of the national golf course.

Holmes is famous for his powerful shots of drivers. He is one of the main players of the PGA Tour.

He has won five games and is the fifth Masters. It was the fourth place in the 2016 competition.

However, Kim Si-woo can be a decent partner. Game speed is slow and becomes "slow boat player". Even when he won the Genesis Open in February, he was watching his game in slow motion.

A golf partner is one of the players who most want to avoid in the round.


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