Saturday , October 24 2020

Ahn Sung-jae died in the 60s while riding a bicycle.


Chest and several bites and then transferred.

A 60-year-old woman who was walking was killed by her dog.

According to the Anseong police station on December 10, A (62) had several busts and frogs in their dogs on a footbridge near a nursing home in Miyang-myeon, Anseong-si, at 7:55 p.m.

Mr. A was transferred to the hospital, but died at 13:16 in five hours.

There was a dog who attacked A against Mr. A, who passed away near the door of the resting house led by B (58), who opened the door to clear the room where the dog was trapped.

In addition to Mr. A, the deputy head of nursing home C was bitten by this dog, but it was reported that there are no obstacles to life.

At the opening ceremony there were two dozen dogs and one of them attacked Mr. A.

The dog was a male of three years, with a body length of 1.4 meters.

Mr. A has lived in this nursing home for several years, but it has not been confirmed whether he is an employee or a rest home.

The police are investigating the details of the accident in Mr. B and others.

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