Sunday , January 24 2021

Black Desert Console & # 39; OBT early response & # 39; positive & # 39;

Pearl Abys said yesterday that he started a public trial of the Xbox One version of "Black Desert" and obtained a positive response.

The company began testing versions of the "Black Desert" console as of day 8. The first 15 days of testing on the first day of the test saturate the user's response early enough, and now 30 servers are expanding to respond to Services, said Pearl Abyss.

Users who enjoyed games in North America also respond positively. It is not difficult to see the response of the console games to the operability, orientation action, high graphics quality and the expectation of a large-scale battle.

Meanwhile, the "Black Desert" version of the Xbox One will be open to the test until day 12 and plans to launch games in North America and Europe this year.

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