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Film credits Jung-woo Kim, Jincheon Athletic … Disqualification

Kim Ye-jin, who helped,

Kim Jung-woo (21, from the National University of Korea), a short-range male man who has become the unauthorized Jincheon Athletic hostel and Kim Je-Jin (20 of the National University of Korea)

Kim Yeon-jin, former president of the Korean ice federation, said on July 28: "Kim Kun-woo issued a sticker on his permit after 11 at night, I violated the national training management guidelines, including the supply of my personal information so you can do it ". In addition, Kim added: "Kim was punished for three months in the village and Kim was punished for a month.

The withdrawal of the athlete means denial of national dignity.

Kim was apprehended on day 24 when he entered the home of an athlete who was prohibited from entering a male athlete without permission. In the process, Kim helped Kim to enter the rooms of the girl. Kim explains that he was trying to deliver cold medications to Kim Ye-jin during the investigation.

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