Saturday , October 23 2021

He completed the construction of the "Jungam Wind Farm Complex" in Gangwon-do


View of the "Jeongam Wind Energy Generation Complex" in Gohan-eup, Jungsun-gun, Gangwon-do. (Photo: South Korea Generation)
[이데일리 김일중 기자] Korea Southern Power completed the 4th project of "Domestic Wind Power 100 Project", Jeongam Wind Power Complex.

South Power announced on May 5 that the domestic wind turbine Jungam Wind has been completed recently in Gohan-eup, which has 32.2 megawatts (2.3 MW x 14), in Gangwon-do.

Jungam Wind Power, which has invested a pure private capital, is a complex of generating eolic wind energy that considers ecosystems conservation. In February 2012, he started his business and signed a license agreement, civil agreements and financial agreements for 6 years. I entered.

With the completion of the Jungam wind farm, which was completed in early March of this year, and the commercial operation of the final boiler in August, a total of 78,000 megawatts of electricity can be produced, which can be used by 22,000 homes per year. Of carbon dioxide emissions.

As a result, the cost of purchasing foreign fuels of 120,000 million won (the cost of carbon 72.2 won / kWh) will be reduced and the effect of replacing forests with 6.5 times the size of the Yeoido area (1.1 million 20-year-old pine trees ).

Jeongam's wind power, located 1250 meters above sea level at sea level, had 108 difficulties such as heavy snowfall, concerns about subsidence in abandoned mines, transport of aborted equipment, and delays in licensing. However, cooperation with business participants and the support of local governments and neighbors successfully built a wind turbine without a security accident.

Nambu Power is planning to revitalize the declining abandoned mining area as a wind power generation complex, establishing the basis for regional economic decline and reviewing the development of a tourist course linked to the local wildflower festival. .

During the period of construction and operation, NBS is expected to generate about 3,000 million won in employment (10.4 people / billion in coefficient of labor incentives), support projects (village development fund, energy industry-based fund , scholarship fund) and indirect effect Tax revenues are expected to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy.

At the same time that the new energy requirements system (RPS) is being implemented, the conclusion of Jungam Wind further strengthens the competitiveness of the domestic wind industry. With the history of generators of domestic wind turbines, And contribute to the bases for business expansion abroad.

In order to support the history of national equipment manufacturers, the NBU made a bold option to use the Unison 2.3W model, which was a demonstration stage at that time, and Unison could ensure competitiveness in the overseas wind market thanks to the conclusion of the Jungam wind project.

Nambu Electric Power completed the construction of 46 of the 100 domestic wind turbine construction projects after the completion of the Jeongam Wind Energy Generation after the development of Taebaek (18 MW), Changgeuk (16 MW) and Pyeongchang (30 MW), 19.8 MW. , we aim to do our best to achieve the goal of building 100 domestic wind turbines.

In addition, South Power will continue its efforts to expand the base of new and renewable energy generation companies to reach 30% of the new generation of renewable energy by 2030 and will carry out a large-scale wind energy project, including 100MW Offshore wind energy from Jeju Daejeong (100MW) It will also actively promote.

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