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Increase fastball & # 39; … Online distribution of the consumer safety campaign

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As more and more people buy products online, such as Fastballs abroad, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Korean Consumer Agency launch the "Online product safety" campaign during the five days of the improvement week of the safety of OECD products.

The OECD organizes a weekly awareness campaign on consumer safety issues around the world and this year is the security of online products.

In Korea, the number of consumer complaints related to the risks and risks related to online distribution products received at the Consumer Advice Center in 2015-2017 is increasing year-on-year to 9,269 cases.

In addition, the Consumer Center blocked 95 remembered or remembered the online internal distribution of products recovered in the first half of this year, with products for children, babies and more cosmetics.

Kim and his team have reported that it is important to verify the error return information when buying or selling products online.

Consumers should consult supplier information and security information before purchasing the product and, if there is a security problem after purchase, contact the Consumer Information Center (1600-1384), the Risk Monitoring System of the consumer or the 1372 Consumer Advice Center You can inform it.

Operators must comply with product safety standards by country of sale and provide security certification information relevant to the Internet homepage.

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