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Kim Min-hwi, Maya Koba Classic co-10 … Matt Cook

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Kim Min-hwi, Maya Koba Classic co-10 ... Matt Cook

(Seoul = News 1) | 2018-11-12 06:42 Songwon

Professional golfer Kim Min-hwi (provided by KPGA) / News 1 DB

Kim Min-hwi (26, CJ Korea Express) finished 10th in the US PGA Tour of Maya Koba Golf Classic (total prize of $ 7.2 million).

Kim Min-mark scored 71 birdies in the last four rounds of the Camarillo GC tournament (par 71, 6987 yards) in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Kim Min-whi, who finished second in the 16-under-par 197 in the third round, finished off at 10-under with a total of 168 under par 268.

He is a six-time winner with Matt Cuccha (22, less than 262).

Kim Min-fu, who lost last year with the open extension of Shuliners' children's hospital, finished third. I tried to win my first tour of the tournament but I had to be satisfied with the "Top 10".

Kim Min-hwi made a mistake in the second hole (pair 4) but recovered with birdie in pair 3 (pair 4). After finishing the first time, another one finished in the seventh hole (pair 5). Kim Min-hwi registered his views on the 12th hole (pair 4) and finished the game to the end.

Matt Kuca hit a pair of two pairs with four birdies and two views in the last round. It has a total of 22 sub-pairs and has won four and a half years from RBC Heritage in April 2014. It is the eighth championship in personal history.

Danny Lee, from New Zealand, was the second only for Matt Cook at 21 in 263.

He finished 12-less than 272, 26, and Lee Kyung-hoon (27) and Kang Sung-hoon (31, CJ Korea Express) finished in 11-less than 273.

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