Thursday , July 29 2021

Kook-jun-eun investor "Kook-gun, must refuse permission to complete": international newspaper

– "I do not have a request for approval yet."

Construction company Joe urged new big investments in new homes for investment and sale of Daegu New City in Busan, Gyeonggi-do, where D & C faced a financial crisis.

More than 300 members of Joeun D & C & # 39; Joeun class & # 39; who build investors and builders in the new Jeonbuk city are opening a meeting in front of the Busan Gyungsang County Office on the 12th. Jeon Min-cheol reporter [email protected]

About 300 of the "Jo-Eun" investors and builders that Joeun D & C is developing are planning for 4 hours from 1 pm on December 12 in front of the county office, saying: "We must not allow the military complete the class. " "Joe made D & C invest in another mansion building with money to pay high profit as bait," Joe said after D & C did not pay promised dividends. That is why there is no money to pay for the building that is about to be built. "Investors and sellers complained about the KORAMCO Asset Trust, who was a business administrator of Joe D & C. Mr. Jin-Ho Cho, the group's group representative, said:" I received a sale from KORAMCO. "Now that the building was built, responsibility has ended," he said. "I'm going to abandon the contract with 20% of the initial payment of the advance payment and the personal loan, and only solve 40%. I asked them to ask, but Koramko refused." "We still do not receive the approval of Joeun D & C." I do not have any Reason to delay the completion of the building permit by law, "he said.

Lee Seung-chul

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