Thursday , September 23 2021

South-North Taekwondo in Geneva United Nations stage … A European concert has ended

Taekwondo demonstrators from South Korea as well as North have completed a tour of Europe acting together in the United Nations Secretariat (UNOG) in Geneva, Switzerland on December 12 (local time).

The Taekwondo World Federation (WT) and the demonstration team of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), who were in the United Nations Secretariat's Auditorium during the afternoon, showed their training in Taekwondo, drilling, breaking brick technology and defense personal

WT and ITF are international Taekwondo sports groups, but this demonstration team from WT is Korea and the ITF demonstration team is composed only of members of North Korean nationality.

The ITF demonstration team, which was in the first place in the sequence, showed the strength of the Taekwondo showing its own defense and frustration, and the WT demonstration team drew public attention with the Taekwondo dance and frustration.

On November 5, the first presentation of the ITF headquarters in Vienna, Austria, was followed by the Olympic Museum of Lausanne and the Geneva Secretariat of the United Nations.

During the one-week trip, the two demonstration teams demonstrated a sophisticated breakthrough without fatigue, and some public applauded when they were defeated or when they finished their duties.

The event, which was the first European tour of the two organizations, was promoted with the president of WT, Kim Jong-Won, who visited Pyongyang in October with WT demonstration team, Lee Yong-lin, president of the ITF.

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