Tuesday , January 19 2021

Sports Korea: Doosan-SK Series 4 Voltage 4, Korea Series Extension … How many times do you go?

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With the Doosan Bears and SK Wyverns in the sixth round of the Korean series, they are increasing their interest in the extra game.

Doosan and SK will participate in the game of the 2018 postseason series 6 at Seoul Jamsil Baseball Hall on December 12.

At 22:55 hours a day, SK and Doosan continue the tie with an equalizer from 4 to 4. The extra time has come to the subject.

Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox finished the season with a victory over the Dodgers at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on May 27.

In Korea, the regular series will be extended to 12 times, but the publication season, including the Korean series, will be extended to 15 times. If the tie is tied up to 15 times, the draw will be dealt with and the game will be played in the field where the game is played.

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