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"The Constitution of Seowol TF to improve the approval of the VIP and the favorable transition of the government"

Sohn Kang-won, deputy head of the team, who headed the Task Force (TF) for the preparation of martial law documents for the Military Forces Command (photo: Hwang,

The Special Investigation Service, which investigated allegations of civil inspections in the last three years, accused three others, including the director of Sang Gang-won, who led the inspectors as commander of 610 units at that time.

The military special unit charged General Kim, who was in charge of the TF chief of Yoo Byung-seon, as not detained in the alleged violation of the secret protection law of communication.

The special court announced the results of the investigation on June 6 and the case of civil inspectors in Seowal was "an incident in which the civil servant abused his authority under the name of the sovereignty of the province during the period of special catastrophe and illegally inspected civilians Said.

According to the special committee, after the disaster of Seowol, the sixth. After the important political agenda such as local elections, the so-called "Seowol government" was developed against the regime due to the lack of government obligation to protect people, We organized the TF Related to plan the exit for the first transition and the recovery of the VIP approval rate.

He also acknowledged the abandonment of the search for the missing person and the abandonment of annual salvation as a precondition for the early transition of the government and to persuade and pressure the family, Recollected.

The special committee said: "KMU continuously understands the main concerns such as BH (blue house) related to Seowall, presents a step-by-step strategic plan for the first government transition to the main BH officials, and reported on the execution of the temple.

As a result, DSM constituted the Seewall TF, which was made by the head of state as the head of the TF since the beginning of the disaster and the support units of the fields and cybernetics of Chindo and Ansan organize the delegation of family members, The special explained.

610. The director of Gang Gangon (then colonel), who was the commander of the Gangwon province, was a relative of the family of the missing person. In the Jindo gym, the family tendency (rigidity, middle level), family relationship, television viewing, drinking status, and to collect and inform relevant information.

In addition, Commander Kim, who was a commander in charge of 310, picked up and disclosed information about the relatives of the family and returned to the unit, past occupation, political orientation, membership parties and protests around the joint ambassadors.

It has also been confirmed that the officer reunited all the members of his team under the name "Dream of Seowol-ho and collection of proposals."

The Special Court said: "One of the measures was to inform BH a plan for a year-long call to abandon the search for missing persons." At the beginning of the incident, the search for missing persons was finished prematurely, Changed the direction of the suggestion of the chief park and memorial. "

The military special court said that illegal immigration of civilian police was mobilized in the operation of the former president of the three –

The Special Court said: "Despite the fact that there is a gap in the original anti-spy / security mission for vigilant detention, the vigilante deployed manpower and equipment in suspicious areas," We inform the TF of hundreds of records intercepting and interrogating private radio communications ".

From June 28 to July 21, 2014, there will be more than 22,000 soldiers from 13 areas, including Yongin, and another 20,000 Anseong Kwangwon soldiers, They understood that they had intercepted.

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