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178 thousand cigarettes of smuggling are trafficked in automobiles and merchandise

Smuggling of cigar in a car.

Smuggling of cigar in a car.

Photo: SID

During the customs control activities in eastern Latvia, employees of the SRS customs card prevented the smuggling of 177 920 cigarettes. Cigarettes were hidden in passenger vehicle constructions, as well as in coal and sawdust loads on train cars, and the public relations department of the State Revenue Service reported to the portal.

Yesterday, on November 7, employees of the Grebneva Customs Control Station, traveling from Russia to the VW Golf passenger car, detected smuggling cigar cases. After analyzing the image analysis, the vehicle was redirected to a complete physical physical check.

During the course, customs officials found that under the baggage compartment, floor and ceiling coating, as well as consoles, hidden cigarettes.

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As a result of the control, 35 360 pieces were removed. Cigarettes (or 1768 cardboard cigarettes) – 25 360 "Korona" cigarettes with Belorussian seals and 10,000 "Winston" cigarettes without stamps. A week later, Grebenev MKP officials filed a similar violation, testing a PlymouthVoyager passenger car on October 30.

In this case, under the front panel of the vehicle, a cynologist discovered a smuggling cigar specially designed with a cigar job. As a result of the control, 22 560 cigarettes (or 1128 cigarettes of cardboard) were eliminated "NZ Gold" with Belarussian seals of consumption.

Regular smuggling of cigarettes is also impeded by the control of freight trains. On Friday, November 2, Indra MKP detected six packs of cigarettes hidden in hard coal for the customs control of freight trains that arrived from Belarus by customs officials in cooperation with officials of the State Border Guard.

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They had 60,000 "Premjer" cigarettes with Belarussian stamps.

On November 3, an official image analysis of Indra MKP revealed 30 packs of cigarettes that were hidden in a wagon with a load of sawdust. In total, 60,000 "Premjer" cigarettes were eliminated with seals from Belarus.
The administrative infractions related to the registry were initiated. Material handling to the VID for the resolution of the Tax and Customs Police Board on the beginning of the criminal proceedings.

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