Friday , June 18 2021

Calls for a court case against Truxine and businessman Krumins on the illegal financing of ZZS on a large scale – Criminal messages – News

The widespread information from the KNAB suggests that Truksnis has been accused of indicating not only the illegal financing of the party's association, but also the falsification of documents and the use of fake documents.

Krumini is invited to take charges of two crimes against the illegal financing of a party union to a great extent.

KNAB's information suggests that an officer in the municipality of Jurmala agreed with Krumins that the use of third parties would illegally finance large party associations in the next municipal elections.

Krūmiņš made a large amount of cash out of his account and received funding from the party's association. So Truksnis informed Krumini that no donations had been received. Krumin contacted the "donors" and their intermediaries and informed the municipal heads of Jurmala, revealing the surnames of the "donor" and the people related to them.

Later, the member of the Board of the Association of Political Parties indicated that at the meeting of the party council in relation to the pre-election campaign in municipal elections, the position was that everyone had attracted potential collaborators in their campaigns, which was also done.

Similarly, in this case, KNAB encouraged the head of the Trump Office office, Ingrīdi Vilkārsi, to accuse him of falsifying documents and using fake documents and financing of the NSL; Yoren Raitum, according to the information available to LETA.

In accordance with KNAB reports and information available to the LETA agency, in the event of document forgery, KNAB believes that in the spring of 2016, Tūkstys informed Vilkavsi, the head of his office, that he could not attend work. The employee suggested "take a break" and then organized and agreed to the trip order. The employee then informed the official ("as a reference"), to which the company is scheduled.

In addition, from Infografika it is understood that Krumins NSL, including, with the help of intermediaries, several times spent money. In one of these episodes, Kruminas spent money on NSW Raith's financial associate. The separation, in turn, divided the funds received in five other parts that transferred money to the party. In the same episode, Kruminas NSL paid for goods and services. In 2016, the "Personal Nothing" program revealed that some of the potential brokers are Janis Dāvis, farmer Martins Butāns, the head of the construction company Kristina Petruškina, a former Latvian official Ivars Falks, carpenter Jānis Raudzeps and mobile entrepreneurs Anri Kursītis . It was explained in the issue that all donated at NSD 14,000 or 15,000 euros at the same time.

According to the report, the KNAB ordered the NSL to pay unlawfully received donations to the state budget for an amount of 32,534 euros in the criminal case.

Similarly, in this criminal case, the KNAB found other possible administrative infractions related to the performance of the functions of a public official in a conflict of interest, the non-compliance with restrictions on the acceptance of special gifts for a public official, the possession of unauthorized possessions and not filing a statement by a public official. LETA has already reported that according to the TV3 program "Nothing Personal", the State Police sentenced Truxni to store narcotic substances because the KNAB staff found a cocaine tray near Trukna.

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