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Dance as an activity sometimes has a secondary role / Article / LSM.LV

"It will not be false if I say that dance as an act of being in a dance group sometimes plays a secondary role … There is a step and families form, and then the children are born and then everything continues to dance children and grandchildren … "asked about folk dance Today, Dace Adviljone, choreographer of the dance show" Both sides ", will leave on November 18.

She says that as important as dance is collective life, "life" and the collective, those responsible for the show are informing. "Concerts, joint trips, common challenges, great events, joint adventures and youth," says Dace.

Genders are different, but the basics must be

Speaking about what is popular dance today, Dace says: "In my opinion, several branches of folk dance are very bright. There are collectives and choreographers looking for new ways to find folklore and popular material, very close to the stage and style. There are also choreographers in folk dance mixes with modern dance, and this can also be called popular ballet. Each of these genres has its own adherents and deniers. "

"I am more concerned about the popular dance and its foundations in the future, since the dance elements of the present time are increasingly entering the children's dance.

If at this age we do not learn the basics and elements of folk dance, there will be no popular dance.

All seventh in Latvian: modern, but not knowing polkas, without different tools, enclosures. With this, in my opinion, offering and choosing dance groups for children, we are a little sins at the moment, "says the choreographer.

Together with folk dance, even before its birth

When asked how and when Dace began to love folk dance, the choreographer responded: "Probably, in my case, I treat sequences and generations in folk art. I am with folk dance before my birth, because my mother is a director artistic of a certain group of folk dance "Golden Stieten", says Dace.

She admits that her childhood happened at VEF Culture Palace, "I see as my mother and" Golden Stieten "live and work and my Palace of Pioneers (Presidential Palace) dances in the lines of the TDA" Uguntiña ", then by the outstanding choreographer Aija Baumanes TDA "Rotaļa." Dace admits: the life of the choreographer is not separated from the dance. Yes, the work of the collective director does not end, closing the door of the gym.

"In fact, since my birth I have lived in popular art and I have survived, it has experienced the development of folk dance both in Soviet times and pioneer dances, as well as the revival of popular rebirth and the development of folk dance now. birth of a large part of the dance and "Golden Strap" program, and also in "Toys", I dance at the moment when he has most of Bauman's dances. I'm lucky to be among the most outstanding and creative characters! ", Di Dace acknowledged that it was very logical for further development. Dace was dancing dancing, then he would start working with his mother in "Sieve Dourada" and studied at the Latvian State Conservatory in Jāzeps Vītols, where he obtained the masters degree, and since 2011 he has been with the middle-class dance group "My Toy" and creates dance for both groups

"Popular dance is my kind of expression because I'm in popular dance with the ends of my hair …" says Dace.

"Both sides" – a creative project that grew as a child

On November 17, 18 and 19 in the dance show "Arena de Riga", "Both sides" will feature several genres – not just folk dances, but also contemporary dances and ballet. "Dancers violate the limits of their dance experience dancing with other dance genres, because we are all in a joint project, because we work together and look for the best solution for performance," says Dace.

Looking back to the preparation period, the popular dance choreographer admires smiling: "It was incredibly fascinating to be present at the birth and development of our joint project, sometimes as a growing child, sometimes living our life, talking to us and doing things independent of us … ""

We do not have the right to transfer to the people who made Latvia with their incapacity

The choreographer admits that the preparation period for the "two sides" was a cognitive time on the history of Latvia, both reading and observing, trying to understand the appearance and state of the state.

"Oh, what was fragile at the beginning, but the fort that was the desire and trust of people – Latvia will be! And we do not have the right to betray them with their own weakness and greed. How strong was the instinct to preserve nationality Letona at all times! At the end of the nineteenth century as well as in the thirties of the twentieth century, when the expedition brought together both folk dances, songs, fairy tales and domestic items, popular costumes. Likewise, this instinct for the preservation of Latvian nation during the Soviet era – when he gave taxes to the great Soviet Union, but then we danced and sang as we wanted (well, almost as we wanted). The jobs that we are now calling to the golden fund are just that, "says Dace.

"For this reason, it must be said that only those who have deep and strong roots in the past can grow and our" two sides "of our program are exactly that. It seems appropriate to mention" Speeches and writings "by Karl Skalbe. describe how I feel: "How would I like to spend this day silently, without excessive noise and courage! Who was Latvia in the beginning? Silent thoughts, now full of victory in the noise, the dream that came to us a happy hour.

A prudent and wealthy Latvia will only become if we are persistently persuaded by the power of calm and simple work and conscience of duty. "

I really appreciate every moment that could be with the endless creative people that participated in the creation of this program. Can you repeat? In such scales, where dance and music of different genres are not only joining, but also the cinematographic story, all of them in one piece, I think not so soon. However, the foundations are embedded in who knows … ", says the choreographer.

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