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Keira Naitlia saves the world in the image of Kolette – Cinema – Culture +

It is safe to say that British actress Keir Naitlie will remember the role of Kolet's performance, where she plays with each of her cells perfectly in the image of the greatest French writer, perfectly managing the challenges that she faces on the way to discovering the bright and complex Kolete's personality. The whirlwinds of Gabrielle Kolete from Sidonia escaped and, sometimes, sacked their own lives and the whole society as a whole. He was one of the first defenders of women's rights in France.

The director You Westmorlens ("Always Alicia"), in the film "Kolete", chose to reflect on the life of the first marriage of Kolete and the path to the career of the writer. Familiarized with the musical critic and writer Villieu, Sidonia Gabriele Kolete is presented to the intellectual and artistic circles of the Parisian avant-gardes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Conceived by her husband, Kolete becomes her spelling writer, the best semi-autobiographical novel of the rebellious girl called Clodine. The novel is a surprising success, and Kolete enumerates several of its sequels. At a time when a talented writer wants to appear next to Villia and she would be recognized as the author of the works he wrote, the husband not only rejects his claim. The stubborn spirit of Dumpin, Kolette, defies public perceptions about literature, gender roles, fashion and sexuality.

Premiere of Keira Naitlia's film.

The contemporary bi-drama "Kolete", without Keirs Naitlia, will be able to see other great actors: Dominic Vest ("Life That Was Not"), Elionor Tomlinson ("Poldarks" series), Denise Gofu ("71: The Last Soldier") and Fiona Shaw ("Fracture")

The promotional roll of the biographical drama "Kolete".

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