Tuesday , December 1 2020

Kivičs with Skulmi plans to educate Latvian women in sex matters – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

As the artist acknowledges, both have lived a very intense life during the show and need a lot of energy.

"After the show as in the Olympics – they run and then there is relaxation. We do not plan to relax because we are planning live video about sex, money and overweight – the most popular topics in people. We talk about women who have not achieved orgasm, about marriages, where women do not reach orgasm for 10 years and do not know what they are, we will also talk about how people may not know their body and find out just after two 30 years or what really happens to you, "a musician plans.

Kivičs admits that both with Skulma can act like a flu. "We could say a lot about people in this area. Many seem to be together, but what they are interested in the other's body and know their physical side. I know women who think sex is only for men. does not apply to them. " I heard a lot in Latvia because it played more than a thousand concerts and after them everyone is sitting and drinking wine. And then, in any case, go to the subject of sex. Women think that intimate life is only for men, that sex is definitely not a pleasure and an orgasm. "

I think we have to talk about it. Because many Latvia couples would be together if people were to culminate in sex, especially …

The musician has not previously hidden that Lien loves every day and feels very happy about it. "How can you make love every day? It is not common to speak about it in Latvia.

"We want these people a little against the fluyou can talk because it's important. It's Soviet heritage that sex is the last place.

They also took care to write a common book. While Apollo was discovered by a musician, Liene was going to write a chapter in the next book and the other.

"In her chapters, Liene will tell you what she wants to say and what is important to her and it hurts. Outdoors, as it is – pretending to be a year and build a parallel world, save books, movies and fashion, because you're not happy. write my chapter again. "It's all together, about our common adventures. As everything is in reality, "says Kivič.

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