Tuesday , December 1 2020

More than 400 patients had measles outbreaks in Lithuania. Can the wave of this disease also affect Latvia?

Broom sprout on neighboring Lithuania. Compared with last year, the number of registered cases exceeded more than ten times. The disease wave can also affect Latvia, where this year there has only been a case of measles?

A sudden number of measles cases registered in Lithuania have been recorded in recent weeks. The exact cause of the outbreak is still unknown, but in the Lithuanian Center for Infectious Diseases and AIDS it is seen that the disease has come with travelers and Lithuanians in other countries, such as Ukraine.

Current prevalence data shows that half of the cases are registered in the second largest city in Kaunas.

"Currently 415 cases of measles have been reported in the country. Most adults, the number of sick children, is around 60. Our explanation of this outbreak is due to the low vaccinations of the population. Or do not have a full cycle. Two doses are needed to develop immunity, "says Zigmas Nagis, a spokesman for the Center for Infectious Diseases and Aids in Lithuania.

So far, only one case in Latvia has been recorded. The current neighborhood is being concerned, but saying that dissemination is only a matter of time, not at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

"I think there is no reason for travel restrictions between countries, because Lithuania is not the best place to get sick. In Italy, for years, the high incidence of measles, Greece, Romania. In Slovakia the incidence is high." by Elina Dimina, Head of Surveillance and Immunization of Infectious Diseases, SPCC.

Masal is an infectious disease that is transmitted to a sick person talking about sneezing. The fact that a person is sick usually only begins 10-12 days after the infection. Signs: high temperature, sensitivity to light, red rash on the face and behind the ears. Then they spread all over the body.

Immunity can be gained through bait, but it will be uncomfortable and there is a high risk of being captured by colleagues or relatives. Therefore, vaccination is considered the most effective method. This should be done twice. Better for the year, after seven years.

Currently, the vaccination among children in Latvia is high, from 95% to 98%, depending on the year. It does not protect it completely, but in general the spread of the disease is limited.

"There is no local outbreak like that of Lithuania or other countries. This collective immunity protects more or less. In adults with one or two doses, we know that after a dose, 85% of the antibodies are produced. People with serious measles-related problems should not be, "says Dace Zavadska.

Lithuania is a bit behind Latvia in global figures. 96% to 94%, but they are at least one pot. In addition, since the disease is mainly adults, it is assumed that the disease is currently weaker.

"I would recommend looking back for your graft passports, or calling a family doctor, looking around or vaccinating. Especially for children," says the head of the Department of Monitoring and Immunization of Infectious Diseases, SPCC.

In previous years, when the number of patients in Latvia was several tens, the fact of vaccination could not be proven. But what distinguishes Latvia from Lithuania is not a response.

It is advisable to refrain from traveling to Lithuania or another high-risk country directly to people not vaccinated.

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