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OlyBet LBL: BK "Ogre" begins with a convincing victory


On Thursday, April 9, in the first quarter-final game of the Latvian basketball championship, BK "Ogre" convinced "Valmiera Glass VIA" (100: 81). Next match in Valmiera on Thursday. The second duel – "Jurmala / Betsafe" against the "University of Latvia" – will begin on Wednesday at 19:00 in the Jurmala state gym garden. The quarterfinals disputed 3 wins of a team, all live live by Best4sport TV and

BC "Ogre" (3rd) – "Via Valmiera VIA" (6.) 100: 81 (33:25, 59:37, 85:56). In serial 1: 0

Games on April 11 and 13. If necessary, on April 15 and 17.

In the main tournament two wins "Ogrei" – at 86:71 in his field 92:71.

With two days of rest, OlyBet Latvian – Basketball players in the Estonian Ogre Ogre tournament had enough to forget the minimal loss, but the energy was restored and the accuracy was maintained. In the first minutes Valmiera tried to keep pace, but it soon became clear that at home level, guests can only play a few episodes. The pressure of the Ogres is only relieved in the last ten minutes.

Throughout the game, "Ogrei" has an advantage in baskets (44-30) and more accurate distance shots (13/29 – 7/25), but many more errors (19-12).

"Ogrei" Edgars Lasenberg scored 17 points (including 7 rebounds and 6 passes), Kristaps Darga 16 + 8 + 5, Karlis Apsītis 15.

The Valmiera Glass VIA Edmunds Elksnis scored 23 points and scored 12 results, Janis Kaufmanis – 21 points.

The winners of this pair will play semifinals with VEF Riga.

Jūrnala / Betsafe (4th) – University of Latvia (5)

Games 10, 12 and 14 of April. If necessary, on April 16 and 18.

In the main tournament there are two victories "Jurmala / Betsafe" – in field 80:62 at 62:55.

OlyBet at the main event of the Latvian-Estonian League "Jurmala / Betsafe" finished in the ninth position with a balance of 13-15, only due to the worst mutual balance of the games without entering the rooms. The students ranked 11th (9-19). "Jurmala" was the ninth most successful team in the league (77.7), but the "University of Latvia" ranked 14th in that sense (70.4). But both are better at keeping your cart. After joining the "Latvian University" points, he reached the fourth place in the league (78.3), but sailors were six hundred (79.7).

Last year both teams both met in the quarterfinals of the Latvian championship and at that time the winners were 77:75, 76:67 and 93:49.

The fight for the Betsafe / Jurmala team in the quarterfinals of the OlyBet League of Latvia and Estonia was not just a blow to ambition. The composition of the team shortly before the end of the main tournament was supplemented by several players dominated individually and at least two more official games would be useful to grind the best moments before the season. Jurmala is definitely predominant in terms of experience and sound of words, but it is not enough in basketball. Lauris Blaus (13.3 points and 7.7 rebounds), Edgars Jeromanovs (11.2) and Kristaps Mediss (11) were more stable during the season, but also the addition of the last minute – Kaspars Vecvagars (17.8) and Yuri Alexeyev (12 + 6.3).

For the second consecutive year, the University of Latvia entered the sixth place of the championship exclusion tournament in Latvia. A year ago, this result was perceived as an undeniable success. Even now, the students of this pair are not favorites, but the appetite can grow, and during the season, "University of Latvia" played better with teams that were nominally stronger. The leader of the season was Linard Jaunzem (18.7 and 7.6 rebounds) and leader of the match, Renārs Birkāns (13.6 and 5.2 assists).

The winners of this pair will play semifinals with BK "Ventspils".

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