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«Prize Purvītis 2019» receives Ieva Epnere for the work «Sea of ​​Living Memories» / Article / LSM.LV

"Purvītis Award 2019" was received by artist Ieva Epnere, Latvia TV reports.

"Living Sea of ​​Life" by Epner tells on the identity and understanding of the inhabitants of the coastal villages during its Soviet occupation, when the beach was designated as a closed area.

"Purvītis Award 2019" candidates

  • Erik Apaļais: a series of paintings "Diaries from Earth" (2014 – 2018), which was exhibited at Calle Sporta 2 at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Riga.
  • Ieva Epnere – About the individual exhibition "The Sea of ​​Living Memories" "kim?" Center of contemporary art.
  • Kristaps Epners – for the work "Forget Me Not" at the Kristaps Morbergs residence at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Riga.
  • Gints Gabrans – SAN for the augmented reality project 2017 and 2018.
  • Roman Korovin – Personal Hall "Sala Vu" and Master Lee Satori "Exhibition Room" Arsenal of the National Museum of Latvian Art (LNMM) at the Creative Workshop.
  • Paulis Liepa – Exposition "Gabinete de Bellas Artes" at the Mūkusala Art Hall.
  • Rasa and Raitis Šmiti – in the exhibition "Microvascular Fluctuations" at RIXC Art Gallery.
  • Group of text "Orbit" (Arthur Punte, Vladimir Svetlov, Sergey Timofeyev and Alexander Zapol) – on the exhibition "What poetry comes from?" floating art gallery "Noass".

The winner of the "Purvītis Prize 2019" will be nominated on April 12 at a special ceremony at the Zuzeum Arts Center. From the opening of the exhibition to the winner's name, the public will also be able to vote for their favorite, which, like the winner of the prize, will be known in the ceremony "Purvītis Prize 2019".

This year, the Purvītis Prize for Contribution for Life was awarded, and its first recipient is the artist Jemma Skulme.

In 1946, the government of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Latvia decided a restricted zone and a regime for border areas. The decision established a border area of ​​two kilometers from the coast of the Baltic Sea. This has influenced in many aspects the identity and understanding of the inhabitants of the coastal villages, and Ieva Epnere speaks to these influences, as well as human and maritime relations in his exhibition "The Sea of ​​living memories."

"What we see in the sand, outside this cube, if you could call it, was my exploration process, interview with people, and it rolled me like a camola to the work that we can see inside that concentrate." "Artist Ieva Epnere spoke of her work" The Sea of ​​Living Memory "on the Latvian radio" Culture Rondo ".

Epnere also received a sympathy award for the viewer.

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