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The driver of the car pays in excess the penalty for parking in Riga due to an incomplete payment system – About and around – – Auto

Some Rigans work with the regular driving of the city. As you acknowledge the culprit, sometimes the rush does not pay for parking in a paid parking lot.

A few months ago, the owner of the windshield saw a red receipt with the logo "Rīgas satiksme".

The man found the blame and decided to pay the penalty immediately.

The fine was € 20.40 and the document is written at the bottom. If the wheel is not blocked and the offender is not abusive and regular, a lighter penalty may be applied. Pay only within two weeks.

The driver took advantage of this opportunity and at night, through the internet bank, checked the "Riga Traffic" account for the indicated 16 euros.

A month later, the man received a letter from the company with a declaration of punishment without paying, but the driver, thinking it was a mistake, did not pay attention to him.

"Another letter came in a month later, a new warning of the four pending euros, and a further 20 euros as a fine for that amount. That was the second penalty for the four pending euros. I was interesting and called this singer, picked up a girl that asked Why did I pay 16 euros in advance? She replied that she had not fully read the terms. There was a note that payment was not made through the bank, but using parking or SMS messages or settling in the service center "Rīgas satiksme", but It does not count as a payment through the bank, "says the driver.

In a telephone conversation with a representative of the "Conventus" debt collection company, the driver asked: from the remaining 4 euros, the penalty could increase dramatically.

"So I asked why not four euros, but already 24 euros? They responded – since it was not worth it, this is another double penalty. I wonder why?" The woman replied that based on the law. "

The man was not willing to argue and paid the total amount.

In general, a small mistake in the car park in the center of Riga cost him almost 40 euros.

Alexander thinks that his case is not the only one, and with his example he wants to stand out to other drivers, if you pay a penalty, so to speak, "at a discount" to read all the rules, also in small print.

The issue has decided to ask why the company "Rīgas satiksme" implemented a system, when the payment of penalties in a small amount does not work with bank transfers, because after all – the money remains money, regardless of the type of settlement.

& # 39; & # 39; At the moment, the company's lawyers are working to liquidate through the internet bank by transferring the amount of money – it is currently in the process of development. People can use the RS application or pay in place on prepaid vending machines, "explains the company's representative.

The company representative invites you not to ignore the warning letters when explaining what happened.

After receiving it, it is imperative that people contact the company not to enter the same situation as the driver in question.

In turn, get in touch with the debt collection company and ask why the driver had to settle such a large amount of debt debtors and how he formed: a formal response was received.

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