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The ecological lifestyle becomes our daily life. – Adverbs

Green economy experts and green lifestyle supporters will seek solutions for the sustainable development of Latvia in the next century, on November 21 at the Green Expo Riga 2018 International Exhibition Center in Ķīpsala, the first introductory event of the green economy festival . If you want to continue living in Green Latvia, do not worry and participate!

"So far, the global community has used the nature of the given reward without mercy and shortsight. The world is now looking for a new green economy model, in which the needs and wellbeing of society are ensured without damaging the environment. And it is also critical for Latvia to establish development goals in the next century, so that education and modern technologies in our country, niche product production and developed exports would be environmentally friendly, "said Janis Brinkmanis, director of the Green Exhibition of Riga 2018.

On November 21, everyone is invited to attend the event throughout the day and participate in discussions about the planning of national policy strategies, informed consumption and zero waste (non-waste) lifestyle, modern mobility and development of cycling in Latvia, balance and classification, as well as bioeconomics. From the morning, politicians Ilmārs Dūrītis, Edgars Tavārs, Vents Armands Krauklis, Ervins Labanovskis, Kaspars Gerhards, Talis Linkaits and Uģis Rotbergs will address the ideas of green economy development. Swiss urbanist Rolf Läuppi will discuss Latvian experts on modern mobility and delivery organization. Several experts nominated by the Nature Protection Board describe the challenges of people's nature and life. Ilze Neimane and Jan Simanovska, the founders of the Marka Soloshenko Foundation and the Ecodesign Competence Center, will discuss packaging and ecological labeling in the debate on smart consumer purchasing. Green ideas will help create Vita Jaunzeme, Gunters Pauli, Vija Kilbloka, etc. for the new century of Latvia. To see the detailed program, see

After the discussions, until day 9, the event will continue with the thematic interviews of Radio NABA, conversations and music. The talks will be directed by Sanit Riben, head of the Radio NABA program "The Nezale", and Sandris Ādminis, head of the "Zootehnikums" program. Experts known in the field of environmentalism will be interviewed in the direct line: Janis Brizga, Elgar Felcis, Andrejs Briedis, Lāsma Ozola, Santa Zarāne, Edmunds Cepuritis, Inese Vaivare, Anrijs Tukulis, architects and cyclists Oto Ozols, Viesturs Silenieks and Reinis Liepiņš. In the end, the taste of Latvia will be shared by Astrīde Rozīte, Reinis Pļaviņš, Walter Zirdziņš and Martins Barkāns.

Green Expo Riga will serve as an inspiration and exchange of experiences for every citizen of Latvia in the daily introduction of green lifestyle principles, green economic politicians, business leaders, bioeconomics specialists and students, university professors and scientists, school representatives and representatives of new green companies

"Green Expo Riga 2018" is organized by the international exhibition company BT 1 with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Latvia, the Nature Protection Board, the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments and the SEB.

Inaugural Forum – November 21:

  • Forum and exhibition: 9.00-18.00
  • Radio NABA live chat: 18.00-22.00

Ticket price: € 15.00, free entry to the homepage.

Parking and closet for visitors – free of charge. It is possible to keep the bicycles in the shed under the roof.

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