Thursday , October 28 2021

The museum exhibits the only photograph of the Latvian-Entertainment foundation


From 8 November to 2 December, the legendary relic of the state of Latvia, the large-scale color photo of Viola Rīdzenieks. The proclamation of Latvia on November 18, 1918 will be available at the Museum of History and Navigation of Riga.

The fixed picture of the photographer Viļa Rīdzenieka is the only visual testimony in which the historical moment of the state of Latvia was immortalized: the act of proclamation of the Republic of Latvia in the present National Theater of Latvia (then the II Theater of the City of Riga). From the photos of events and moments for us, we look at the people who created and created the state of Latvia. Only once a year, during the proclamation period of the Latvian state, a single photograph can be exhibited, which has become the symbol of the proclamation of the independence of the state of Latvia. Daily, the relic of the State of Latvia is carefully found in the museum's special protection park. The collection of the Museum of History and Navigation of Riga stores a large format photograph and also its photogenic one on a glass plate. Vils Rīdzenieks, a legendary large color photo (119 x 158 cm), has been photographed since the beginning of the 20th century. The master, with the help of the colorful retouching, highlighted the main characters and the red and white flag of Latvia, thus obtaining the expression of the black and white company. For several years, the photography decorated the Taller Klio photomasters workshop in Vaļņu Street. During the period of occupation, the Viļa Rīdzenieks family hid, catching it with paper. And only after 49 years, in 1989, during the third awakening of the Latvian people, photography returned to see the light of the day in the Latvian exhibition. The daring and action of the photographer Gunārs Janaiša following these events was decisive for the testimony of the valuable testimony of the Latvian state to be visible again, to be preserved and stored in all the treasures of the people – in the museum. The wife of the photographer V. Rīdzenieks Olga Rīdzeniece has entrusted the unique photography and is negative for the Museum of History and Navigation of Riga. It is clear why Vilis Rīdzenieks (1884-1962) was the only photographer who participated in the event of proclamation of the state of Latvia, as well as the fact that, due to the coincidence of the circumstances, he only photofixed in the event, thus creating this visual evidence There are versions that are conjectures and are: photography, the only visual testimony.

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