Thursday , July 29 2021

A Palestinian delegation visited Miyama to confirm coexistence

An extensive delegation, including the head of the World Union of Resistance Scientists, Sheikh Maher Hamoud, political leader of the Hamas movement in Lebanon, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hadi, political relations officer in the Islamic Jihad Movement in Lebanon, Shakib Al-Aina and a number of officials from both movements, "Affirmation of national cohesion and coexistence, after the events that took place in the field."

The delegation was received by Mayor Raftat Bou Saba, Parish Priest Moses Francis, Father Maroun Skeili, Mukhtar, the head of the school, several members and members of the city council.

The mayor said: "I support the Palestinian cause and resistance, which should guide its weapons to the Zionist enemy and list part of the city's history and its collaboration with the camp."

"The question of Palestine means all," said Hammoud, highlighting "the positions of the Church Fathers in Palestine, Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Muslim Father Manuel and the Coptic Church priests who fought recently against the occupation."

He also praised "the tournaments that the Mujahideen are putting in the country of Gaza," noting that "this painful page will be irreversible, God willing."

Abdel Hadi also spoke of the "championship that has recently emerged from the recent Zionist security operation," pointing out that "such confrontation is the expression of the Palestinian position."

In turn, Al-Ayna spoke about "the importance of resistance and the Palestinian cause, where weapons can not be used in the place."

They praised "the role of President Michel Aoun, parliamentarian Nabih Berri and the Lebanese army in controlling security and taking necessary measures."

The delegation also crossed the neighborhoods of the city and arrived at the school.

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