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Alrai TV new channel 2019 in Nilesat and the largest series of Ramadan series

Today we offer you through our Arab news TV channel Al Rai The new NileSat satellite of 2019, the Kuwaiti channel Al Rai, one of the most famous channels in the Arab world, followed by millions of people in the Arab world, is not just a channel that offers everything related to Kuwait and the conditions of Kuwaiti citizens and Many political programs, but also offers many entertainment programs. The television show is also a series of dramatic dramas, including Egyptian soap operas, which have the admiration and appreciation of many spectators in all parts of the Arab world, so the search is always in the frequency of Al Rai TV.

Channel of television of Alrai

Nowadays, we offer you through our Arabic news website the latest 2019 Alrai, the Kuwaiti channel Alrai TV, who likes to follow many in many parts of the Arab world, recently faced the disappearance of the channel from the devices, so we offer you today the The last frequency of the Kuwaiti channel 2018 Rai.

Alrai television frequency
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New channel frequency

I have to go to the channel for the frequency of the new Kuwaiti 2019 channel, which may not work for some reason, is that the frequency will work only on HD devices, so you will have to follow the Kuwaiti channel Rai through the HD devices up to now and continue with you the latest Rai news channel.

Frequency channel

It is worth mentioning that Al Rai TV is the only free channel that broadcasts a co-awarded wedding program

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