Tuesday , October 19 2021

Approval of the remaining elements of the bill proposal of the health card in the Committee of Budget Budgets


The head of the Finance and Budgets Committee, Ibrahim Kanaan, passed the law on the health card. He said: "The health card is now at the gates of the public body. I hope it is one of the priorities of the legislation because it affects all Lebanese and all households."

The press office of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Ghassan Hasbani has issued the following statement:

"The remaining elements of the health card proposal were approved by the Budget Budgets Committee this morning, which means that it has gone through the Health, Administration, Justice, Finance and Budget committees." Deputy Minister of Health and Minister of Health, Ghassan Hasbani of Najma Square, said: Comprehensive healthcare is a positive message for all Lebanese and will complement its legislative path according to the design and vision we develop. "

Hasbani has said that it will provide a health and coverage file for all Lebanese through annual examinations in the primary care centers and hospitals that will adopt this system and provide citizens who are not a guarantor, as well as coverage of external exams in the hospital and will provide medications for chronic and intractable diseases.

The Health Minister said that this law will regulate the health coverage of all citizens and will facilitate the constant increase in costs, especially with the high rate of living in Lebanon and constitutes a first practical step to unify the guarantors in the future and does not conflict with Existing laws related to these organisms.

He observed the efforts of the deputies in the health, administration, justice, finance and budget commissions over a whole year and the hard work that led to a broad consensus on the approach that he gave to the law proposal, which began his course with the former president Atef Majdalani and obtained the support of all the parliamentary blocks, the committees of deputies Asim Araji, Ibrahim Kanaan and the ex- vice-president Robert Ghanem.

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