Thursday , July 29 2021

Find out why Muhammad Salah used the "Playboy" pornographic shirt! (Photo)

Egyptian star Mohammed Salah surprised his audience by publishing an image of him using a shirt with a signal that many considered "inadequate."

Salah published a photo of him in his Facebook personal account with a mask and a shirt with the pornographic "Playboy" slogan, while preparing to travel to Egypt to participate in the training camp of the team.

"The trip is a disguise," the Liverpool star wrote, referring to the mask that he uses in the image, which may reflect the desire to stay out of sight during the trip to Egypt.

Salah appeared in the picture "Silve" that he used with a black shirt with the motto "Playboy", the words "Playboy Project" or "Playboy project" written in reversed letters.

Hundreds of commentators on the page were amazed at Salah's option to wear this shirt. "Hide the Playboy logo, it is a higher example of millions," said one.

Another commented: "Quite this silly Playboy t-shirt," and Salah's publication saw hundreds of angry reviews of the magazine's pornographic logo.

Salah flew on Monday to join the Egyptian team, who prepares to face Tunisia on Friday in Alexandria, qualifying for the African Cup.

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