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Geagea: Al-Juni was governed by his political discontent

"We won the legal part of the lawsuit, but Judge Fatima Jouni decided to steal what we won legally for reasons that have nothing to do with the lawsuit," said Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese forces party. The part of the resolution in our favor is the legal disposition, while the second part is a cover on us for purely political reasons as they place their opinion purely political in government.

Geagea, in a television interview with media Deniz Rahma Fakhri via MTV, denied "the interference of any political party with judge Al-Jouni to issue this decision," and said: "She has the curves and political trends in the direction that arose in the resolution, to Each of us "Political stagnation," where some people consider Hezbollah to be a resistance, while the rest do not see it, and it seems that Judge Jouni is one of those who does not recognize any armed organization, not even what happened in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990, not even that a war has begun in that Period and this rumor is overshadowed by its dominion. "

In response to a question about whether there are political parties that have no interest in the Lebanese forces to recover the LBC, Geagea said: "There are many political parties, if not the majority, that do not suit them, but I have no evidence." On a personal level, I do not think there is any political team to continue with the judge in the matter, but it is unfortunately governed in accordance with political disobedience. "

He added: "If the Ministry of Justice with the Lebanese Forces issued the judgment in advance, since what was issued is the judge's personal opinion, at the time he has no right to enter the judge's political sentences and personal beliefs in the sentence Judicial because the essence of the case is whether the process Sell or not, we gain this point. "

Geagea called on the Supreme Judicial Council to take this issue in its own hands, in the light of the existence of considerable contradictions in the judgment issued by Judge Al-Jouni. He said: "Because if we were in logic that the forces were a militia and had no right to take possession, the forces did not deny this and although they admitted that the sale did not take place, it was clear that Dahir did not buy the LBC, and given That the judge considered that the LBC was founded on people's money, it should be public property. This property should not return to the forces, so how can one be given to the ignorant? If he wanted to be in harmony with himself, it would have been decided that the LBC He would belong to the state and, if he did not agree with this theory, there would be a harmony in the norm of the minimum. "

"We are against this logic, because if we want to return to these foundations, we must reconsider the document of national reconciliation and many things that exist today and in many institutions, interests and partyist properties, and this is obviously beyond the reach of its rule."

"Instead of challenging the judge of the case, I went to other places like the State Council of Shura and, on the second day of the end of the war, we are seeing what is right and what does not have the right to the forces that were armed organizations." For this particular reason, I ask the Supreme General Council to take this contradictory judgment in their hands. "

He added: "The Lebanese Forces Party is in the process of preparation for the appeal within the legal deadline, which is 15 days, since the legal review gate before us today is a resource."

He expected "to change the sentence against the fund that today's statement assured us that the sale that al-Dahir allegedly obtained is not a fact, and this is the basis of demand based on whether we sell television to the judge or not, but today if we make the decision as it is After the trial of the political judge, Pierre el-Dahir becomes the ruler of the rights of the people. "

"The judge's decision surprised me a lot because one case can be lost by law, but this problem is obvious," said Geagea.

He added: "I am going to explain what surprised me in this decision, considering that Judge Fatima Al-Juni's intention was intact, but it is true that her political opinions outraged her decision because she said in our favor a law in the center of the case, the ruling stipulated that TV was founded by the Lebanese Forces and with money And the judge acknowledged the contradictions of Pierre Dahir in all his statements and confirmed that there was no sale of LBCI and that no money was paid and that the purchase was not resolved .

He continued: "The essence of the lawsuit we have made against Pierre Dahir is that he claims, from 2005 to the present, that the LBC belong to him, while we say that he belongs to the forces, who is the director. LBC, but he has been demanding his property and He built his allegations in the background that there was a sale between him and Benny, which is rebutted by the judge's decision. "

"If the forces were those who founded the LBC and did not get any sales, who can own the television?". A four-year-old boy can answer a similar question because it is quite clear, as the joke that children ask about a green, round, red and contains black seeds, what is that fruit?

He added: "As a result of the above, we can see that the judge came to the law and lost all that happened in another place and for reasons not related to the case, they ignored their tendencies and political views, insisting on their decision that the state only the right to establish armed forces The question is whether Judge Jouni was entitled to try us during the period between 1975 and 1990 if the state has only the right to establish the armed forces, while our struggle is that the state has only that right … I do not know where the judge was At that point, I was a medical student at the American University of Beirut and I was not sitting on the road I and Rafakai, one of which later became the president of this republic, we were one Resistance that he paid very expensive for the State to return after 1990, but as if the whole story of modern Lebanon was absent from Judge Jouni's mind, it is not recognized, in fact, and has no right to recognition or not, because if we do not know my colleagues before me and after joining them between 1975 and 1990, Lebanon was now an alternative state and there is a day for the Lebanese judiciary or Judge Jony, his salary of the state and control on behalf of the Lebanese people ".

He said: "Judge Jouni does not recognize the Lebanese forces because he was a militia and the State only has the right to establish armed forces, and this is what we call today, but my question to them: when the State collapses, what do you want? the Lebanese girl do?

He added: "Judge Jouni in his decision to assert that the forces are militias and can not own, this decision does not return to the justice of the judge, if it is true that it is a militia and that he has no right to property. How to reach the President of the Republic in 1982 We are one of the greatest contributors to the Taif agreement and the establishment of the rules of the Second Republic and the greater evidence that the judge's claim is not true is that the first governments formed after the Taif agreement insisted that the composition of all Armed organizations, which Judge Jouni calls government militias and this indicates that legitimacy "Said.

Geagea asked: "If we do not have the right to own what we have, how can we have 15 deputies and four ministers in the Authority in which you are a judge?"

He said that "Judge Jouni once again states in his speech that the LBC was founded with the funds of Lebanese citizens, while this problem was resolved implicitly by the Taif Agreement," adding that "all armed organizations during the war they are part of the power and still today it is part of it "Said.

"Judge Johnnie gave us the right to the law because we established the LBC and did not obtain any sale or purchase, but then we withdrew this right by arguing that the troops were a militia, but he forgot that they are no longer like that, As stated in his sentence that he does not recognize that today's forces are the continuity of the forces in the past with his words about moral personality and military character and that criticizes the basis of the property question, while the identification continuity is not due to this as a result of the decision of 2005 of the State Advisory Council The party's license was again requested after it was canceled by the guardianship authority. If the judge asked why this authority canceled the forces, there is a challenge for the State Advisory Council, claiming that the new party that It is established has nothing to do with the former Lebanese forces or its armed organization But the Council's decision was a clear response to the appeal to their owners and stressed that the current party is a continuation of the party, which before the solution and that the armed organization can not judge the judge who has ignored this decision and must trust it in its ruling.

"We are waiting for 11 years for this verdict and we are ready to wait another 11 years, but we continue to the end," said Geagea.

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