Friday , June 18 2021

Hany Shaker creates the eighth night of the activities of the Arab Music Festival

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Rana Salah El Din – Cairo – Doaa El Arabi

The great Egyptian artist Hani Shaker starred at the eighth evening at the 27th Arab Music Festival and at the Festival, which is celebrated on the great stage of Cairo's Egyptian opera, which is named after the late artist "Shadia".

Shaker took the stage in line with "The most precious name in the presence," led by teacher Ibrahim Al-Moji, amid a warm welcome from the public, who was eager to attend the show.

During the ceremony, he also presented a selection of the most beautiful works of the time of beautiful art, as well as the most famous of his works of passion and patriotism, including "Le Hetsehr, I love you, you walk in Egypt, every night, if you like it, After your love, this is your desire, the moon, Come, deceive, Iaritk Maaya, laughter "and others, amid the applause of the public.

The festival will take place this year from November 1 to 12 and includes 43 performances in seven cinemas: "The Great, the Small, the Arab Music Institute, the Republic, Damanhour, Alexandria, Tanta", with the participation of 72 artists from 8 Arab countries, They are: "Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan" and the deceased star "Shadia" was chosen as a character this year.

This session was dedicated to the spirit of the late musician Michel El Masri and the violinist Saad Mohamed Hassan.

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