Sunday , June 20 2021

Hariri will visit Miqati: go to the polls and resign

"It is important that the elections take place in Tripoli and that we are together for the benefit of the city and Dima Jamali," said Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri asking "to go to the polls and choose Jamali and serve the interests of Tripoli."

"There is no doubt that in recent years there have been political divisions between me and Miqati, and that has led to many things being delayed in the country, apart from the divisions that are taking place," he said after meeting with President Najib al-Miqati in Tripoli. Throughout Lebanon, until we reach a place where the whole country is paralyzed. "" We decided today to mix newspapers. You know my initiative, based on supporting institutions, restoring political and institutional work in the right way and working together to advance the country and there are major challenges ahead. So we can get out of the economic and financial anguish we are experiencing. "

Regarding the development of Tripoli and the North, Hariri emphasized that "it is essential in the conference of Cedar, denying" questioning the participation of Tripoli and the north of the conference, when we promote the electric sector, that is for all Lebanon, and Tripoli forms part of Lebanon. As in the past, we are conducting projects and forgetting Tripoli, North, Akkar and North Bekaa, where minimal development projects have not been implemented. Thus, at the Cedar conference, when we put all projects on the table and the World Bank, we assign projects to all Lebanese regions that are developing a balanced development. "

He also stressed the need to "implement PPP law after its issuance, that is, the association between the public and private sectors in all fields."

Meanwhile, Miqati said that "the unit we see today is two things: to support the position of prime minister, from the beginning of maintaining balances in the country, while at the same time that Tripoli is in any program will be placed in the future," he said. He added: "In this regard, President Saad Hariri has promised that Tripoli will have a great place in the projects currently underway, where we agree to hold a series of meetings, to capture any shortage.

"The young people of Tripoli and their young women play a role in the Lebanese administration, especially because this participation is somewhat weak," he said, adding that Hariri was very sensitive, "said the positive in several issues, both in the SEZ and in other projects Tripoli later. "

Miqati also emphasized that "the meeting was an occasion during the next 48 hours, which are the secondary elections in Tripoli", noting that "our existence together and the plot of our hands is only to ask the people of Tripoli to participate heavily in the vote" .

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