Sunday , June 13 2021

"Here" … The new Diana Haddad gets more than 25 million visits – Kuwaiti daily newspapers policy

The "Arab singer princess," Diana Haddad, has achieved great success these days through the interaction and interest of the Arab public in the song and video clip "Here," which has exceeded 25 million views through its official channel on the site "YouTube", as well as a clear interest in a group of Artists and singers in the Arab world and the public, who contributed their contributions through the accounts of various social media, through singing with the voice of Diana Haddad.
Diana is pleased with this interest and the success she adds to her singing career, and her desire to continue with the quality of choice and attention to all the details of the song, which is currently being done through the new work prepared and equipped in the fire , is very low, you will see the light through a series of individual songs that will take the colors of the Bedouin songs, Egyptian and Gulf, as well as in Morocco in the case of accessing the election you are looking for.
Diana Haddad is preparing to host a series of social events, as well as national tickets that will be presented during the national celebration of the 47th National Day of the UAE, which is celebrated on December 2 of each year.
Diana Haddad recently appeared in sound studios in Dubai, to record her voice in the presence of composers and distributors of works, as well as to follow the implementation process of the music that took place between Egypt, Lebanon, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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