Thursday , July 29 2021

Jumblatt: Yesterday at the end of Taif – Spider Alankabout – News from Lebanon – News from Australia

The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, ex-deputy MP Walid Jumblatt, chose to comment on the political evolution in Lebanon and interrupted the birth of the new government in its own way insinuating Twitter in his account, using an image of the leading demon Raymond Edde, who It was one of the symbols of Lebanese democracy in the 1960s and 1970s. Who moved to live in France after the second year of the Lebanese civil war after an attempt at murder and death threats.

"In those days, democracy was meaningless and the constitution had immunity and the law had power," Jumblatt wrote, explaining what he meant. Brigadier general Ada was at the forefront of government in the government or in opposition, then entered the political murder by the total regimes and the war was over and then the establishment of Taif with a constitution was not applied, and yesterday the end of Taif.

"I ask myself the meaning of the government of the national unit?"

Jumblatt attended the meeting of the "Democratic Parliament Meeting" headed by Timor Jumblatt. The meeting ended with a statement about the country's financial and economic situation. He noted that "the worrying data discussed in the Committee on Finances and Budgets and the opinions of expert experts, all warn that we are aiming for a rapid collapse unless the impact of the downward trend disruption, we avoid sliding into the abyss, especially considering the constant growth of public debt and the increase in disability The low rate of growth and the increase in the unemployment rate, while the financial performance of state institutions fails and the absence of a government capable of addressing the challenges. "

In response to Hezbollah's secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Jumblatt last Saturday, he considered that "Iran punished us" by disturbing the government, Jumblatt asked his party to lead the parties and supporters to calm down and not intervene in the arguments because of Nasrallah's position. Social networks saw a series of comments and conflicts between supporters of both teams.

Source: Al Hayat Newspaper

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