Friday , June 18 2021

Khatib meets Carteron to discuss African failures

Thanks for your reading. Khatib meets Carteron to discuss the causes of African failure. I assure you that we are always looking for you and now with details.

JEDDAH (Reuters) – Ahli's boss Mahmoud al-Khatib will hold a meeting on Thursday with French coach Patrice Cartiron and coach Mohamed Youssef to hear the reports that the club's president asked after losing the African title to Esperance on Friday. At Rades Stadium.

The president of the club asked Mohamed Youssef, Patrice Cartieron and Dr. Khaled Mahmoud, the team's doctor, detailed administrative, technical and medical reports on the team earlier this season. The club president quickly prepared these reports for his personal discussions.

Khatib went to Lamania after the African final to undergo some medical tests and will return next Wednesday.

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