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Rotana Rotana Channels 2019 (Movies, Movies, Drama, Classical, Gulf, Clips, Music, Message)

Rotana Channels Frequency Rotana 2019, The Rotana channels are one of the most watched channels in Egypt and the Arab world. The channel is famous for its logo. He is not close to his eyes. It is the strongest and most important entertainment network that attracts a large number of families in the Arab region: Rotana is a Saudi channel owned by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. Rotana Cinema, Rotana Classic, Rotana Films, Rotana Drama, Rotana Khalijia, Rotana Clip, Rotana Music, Rotana Masriya, Al Resala, Rotana Network have many advantages that have made it the first among its competitors. To provide all viewers with the need to watch several movies and series. They are always anxious to offer great and different content to movies that adapt to the ancient customs and principles of the East and the principles of the Arab media, from the absence of scenes or words that have angrily Arab families in several Arab countries.

Rotana Cinema Rotana Cinema.

It is a Saudi channel that was created in 2004. It presents the old and modern movies, both comical, romantic and dramatic, since it is the first platform that exhibits its work all day long until it has a great mass in all Arab countries.

Rotana Cinema Frequency Channel

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11296 (h)275003/4

Rotana Channel Rotana Aflam.

The group presents a variety of diverse and modern films, such as the gulf, the Lebanese or Jordanian, released in 2012 to cover all tastes and drama fans, as well as presenting various programs, art news and artists from all over the world and his latest cinematographic works. The channel is authentic in Arabic, and you can also learn Channel frequency of Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi 2019 (Abu Dhabi Emirates, Sports, National Geographic, Majid)

Frequency of the Rotana channel.

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NileSat11296 (h)27500Horizontal

Rotana Classic Channel Rotana Classic

The Arab channel, which includes the largest number of antique works of cinema, was founded in 2012 and was named after Rotana Zaman until it changed its name and became a Rotana classic to introduce and revive the ancient Arab and Egyptian heritage along with the performances theatrical and songs of the great stars such as Umm Kulthum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Farid Al Atrash, Fayza Ahmed and others. .

Rotana Frequency of new classical channel.

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NileSat11295 (h) 27500Horizontal

Drama of the Rotana channel Rotana Drama

Rotana Drama was launched in 2017 from the most observation channels with a slogan of live drama characterized by its exclusive coverage of technical and social programs, as well as series in Arabic and Turkish, bent and famous for the characteristic of the successive show without rest, so it became in one of the most watched channels in Egypt and the Arab world.

Rotana new drama channel

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Channel Rotana Khalijiah.

Launched in 2005 and initially dedicated to songs and clips and then specialized in the supply of art and heritage of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and offers Egyptian and Arab films and series, as well as the Turkish Madbalij of Arab and Saudi social programs and the Gulf .

Channel new Rotana channel.

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NileSat 11296 (h)27500Horizontal

Egyptian channel Rotana.

Egyptian rotana is one inside Grupo Canales Rotana Many of the important programs that belong to the Egyptian street is one of the famous channels that offer all Egyptian programs and series and drama, as well as many other programs, is a channel of Rotana Saudi Arabia, opened in 2011.

Frequently rotates the Egyptian channel

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11296 (h)27500

Rotana Music.

The Rotana channel is one of the best channels that shows Arab music and the Gulf next to the latest news from the stars. It also includes the largest and greatest music library and there are audio and visual artists and point to the Gulf Thursday in particular and Arabic in general and meet all their requirements for a new one,.

Music arrow of the Rotana channel.

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Channel Rotana Clip Rotana Clip.

One of the best channels in the song where he was interested in displaying popular songs, romance and drama as well as presenting concerts of singers from the artistic center.

Channel arrow of Rotana Clip in Nilesat.

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Eutelsat – 711295Horizontal275003/4

Frequency of message channel.

It was launched in 2006, specializing in the presentation of various Islamic programs aimed at spreading the true religion of Islam and teaching people the focus of the book of God and the year of his Messenger and many scholars and scholars of Islam and has been able to provide the best programs of dialogue and publicity, women and social reports and documents.

OrbitThe moonFrequencyFEC / SRQualityEncryption
7.0 ° WEutelsat 7 West A11295 (H)27500 – 3/4SDFree
26.0 ° EBadr 611843 (H)27500 – 3/4SDFree

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