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Signs with your saying that you have middle ear inflammation and tips to avoid

Arthrosis is an annoying problem that many people do not know about. It is a bacterial or viral infection that affects the middle ear, causes severe inflammation and often affects children and there are some symptoms of middle ear infection in adults and young people.

According to a website mayclinica There are signs of osteoarthritis:

Ear infections
Ear infections

Signs of otitis media

1: Severe pain in the ear, especially at bedtime.

2: Difficulty and difficulty sleeping.

3: I cry continuously in children.

4: Difficulty in listening to and responding to sounds.

5: Loss of balance.

6: Very high temperature.

7: Headache in the head.

8: Loss of appetite.

9: Hearing impairment.

10: Downloading ear fluids.

There are some tips to avoid infections, otitis media and infection by viruses and bacteria

Middle ear
Middle ear

1: Pay attention when you wash your hands constantly especially when you eat and after using the bath.

2: Stay away from crowded places transmitted by infection and viruses.

3: Avoid smoking.

4: Mothers should breastfeed the baby, where mothers milk contains a large proportion of vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the immune system and protect against the diseases.

5: Attention to eating vegetables and fruits and away from soft drinks and alcohol.

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