Wednesday , October 20 2021

So I mentioned the dreams of "Ayesh Said" to Abdul Majeed Abdullah


Dreams and Abdul Majid and Abdullah

The star of the UAE said Ahlam commented on the new song by the Saudi star Abdul Majid Abdullah, entitled "Ayesh Saeed."

She published the dreams of the song through her Twitter account, saying: "#Abdul Majid_Abdullah # Turkish # Tariq_Mahmad # Essam_Al-Sharaiti You are happy # Ayesh_Said_AbdulMajeedAbdullah # Thank you When adults find themselves ".

Abdul Majid Abdullah announced his new song "Ayesh Said" via Twitter, thanking those who contributed to this work and singing: "Greetings to all who shared this wonderful work and unusual words, melodies, distribution and" MIX "that They start with the creative genius Turki (Tariq Mohammed) and Abqagri Essam Shraaiti and creator Jassim Mohammed. "

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