Tuesday , June 22 2021

Study to determine the best age to quit smoking

News now Dubai – United Arab Emirates (Rasha Sulaiman)

A recent study found that the best age to stop smoking is before reaching 40-45 years of age.

Smoking occupies a large part of the lives of many people these days, which negatively affects them and quits smoking.

Many doctors recommend stopping smoking for 40-45 years, because the heart and blood vessels will not return to normal until 15 years after smoking.

Studies have also shown that most heart attacks and stroke were caused by 70% of smokers who smoked a pack of cigarettes every day more than 20 years.

The study found that the higher the number of cigars smoked by the person, the greater the problem of the lungs and the heart and blood vessels and that the abandonment of smoking will seriously affect the person's initial health, but over time the rate of Return of the indicators to the normal situation in people

Doctors suggest that, even after 16 years, the negative effects of smoking will not disappear.

This indicates that a smoker who wants to leave a bad habit should take that step as soon as possible.

Studies show that five years after quitting smoking, the risk of heart attack and stroke decreased by 38 percent. "

The data also indicates that passive smoking kills almost 6 million people per year. It was clear to scientists that smoking does not only affect the lungs, but extends to all body members and accelerates aging and changes the shape of the blood vessels walls irreversibly, making them fragile.

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