Thursday , July 29 2021

The arrival of the flame of independence to Baalbeck

The torch of independence came to the city of Baalbek during a ceremony held by the Baalbek city council in the courtyard of the citadel, in the presence of the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, represented by Colonel Riad Gadine, commander of Baalbek, brigadier general Hussein al-Lakis, the regional civil defense officer in the Baalbek province, Hermel Bilal Raad. .

The torch carrying Ali Awad was accompanied by the Lebanese flag.

The ceremony began with the national anthem. He spoke with a member of the city council, Sami Ramadan K, in which he said: "On Independence Day, heights rise above the sky and heads crowned with a crown of pride and dignity."

He continued: "The history of independence is not like any story, but it is the story that big men did and did not happen by chance, Fethiye to President Michel Aoun and the army general of this fort that is a witness of history."

"A great honor for Baalbek and its Baalbek city council is to receive the torch of independence from its stronghold of Rachaya to Baalbek, on the occasion of Independence Day, which is the symbol of sovereignty, freedom and national dignity," said Brigadier Lakis.

"We have a great and great honor to receive this flame from the Lebanese army, in the presence of the representative of the general, the army commander, the men who protect independence and protect Lebanon and transfer it to the rest of the Lebanese cities to Beirut on November 22" .

The Bakhus group, directed by artist Rami Sheiban, has presented traditional folk paintings to sing national songs.

In conclusion, the brigadier general Lakis and Colonel delivered the torch to the enemy Bilal Bayan to continue the march towards the rest of Lebanon.

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