Wednesday , October 20 2021

This is what the local press said



Despite the approval of the budget continues to issue decrees transferring credits from the budget reserve to the ministries and municipalities, which means exceeding the budgets that are attributed to them and exceeding the budget.

MP Farid al-Bustani received the flag and the news of the launching of an association with its name and founders, their three children.

It was observed that the leader of the right party had a close relationship with the Russian leadership and could have been the only guest of the Kremlin to participate in a national event.

One of the programmers contacted a former deputy and apologized for not hosting it after mentioning the program through a competent station.


The relevant auditor seeks to avoid leakage of information on parliamentary resources in some sensitive constituencies to avoid any scandal that leads to possible tensions.

"It seems we should go back to the time of the Syrians, where governments were composed for four days," said a leading author responsible for delaying authorship.

A Western diplomat was surprised at how "Lebanese officials are interested in minor minor details, while the danger is really looking at Lebanon."

General Greater

The cost of Lebanese accommodation for the Arab Economic Summit in the next K2 exceeds 10 million Lebanese pounds?

A loyal flow of sympathizers tried to avoid, as far as possible, interfering with the media, in relation to the problem with an ally …

A political veteran, his unstable position, swing, unqualified support from March 8 and the temporary damage of March 14?

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