Saturday , September 26 2020
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Trump legal add-ons. The reason "Batman"


Warner Brothers has decided to take legal action against US President Donald Trump for using music from one of Batman's most popular films during a campaign video.

The US president published a two minute video on his Twitter account for his upcoming campaign in 2020 and used the promotional video of the famous movie.

"Why do I fall?" By the famous composer Hans Zimmer for the 2012 movie of Warner Bros. "Dark Knight Rises", which is still one of the best-known movies of Batman.

In a statement, the famous production company said: "Warner Brothers' use of Dark Knight Rays in a video advertisement was not legal, and we are working through the appropriate legal channels to eliminate it."

Twitter decided to delete the video in response to the legal request. The word "This video can not be displayed" appears on the site of the published content. However, he did not remove spam sent to the phrase "Let America be big again."

Previously, he used content inspired by the art world to promote his own campaign, the last of which was the use of the famous "Game of thrones."

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