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Business customers run by MoQ – Business Inios

Posted: 2019-01-31 12:33

Monika Rimk

Monika Rimknait Blo, leader of MoQ. Photo by Vladimir Ivanov (V)

MoQ (Mobile Payments Company), a mobile payment company created by Rice Operator, attempts to attract more precise customers to employees who use work telephones. On behalf of Moni, registered postcards activate the post-payment feature. Until then, only private subscribers could use it.

We see that more and more users of the software try to provide a delayed payment limit of the operator (it is possible to spend up to 30 euros and cover the debts with a mobile account last month). More than a quarter of MoQ users use deferred payment. We feel that the business has warned him because we are asking the company, says Monika RimknaitBlo, leader of MoQ.

Checked with meters

Deferred payment with a limit of 15-30 euros for all your business clients is currently limited to Tele2. Telia Lithuania and Bit Lithuania decide on silo customers who are asking for it.

If you are drinking or drinking coffee with a business partner, a guide to buying stationery, you want a world account to attract your coffee customers and you can pay for it with the help of a late payment program. Rimknait-Blo.

According to her, in the case of an accountant, such payment is subject to the general procedure. That is, if the employee settles on the telephone with the operator to give up the payment, this is equivalent to paying a monsters card. Thus, the employee must take the invoice of the VAT to the merchant. When using a deferred payment, the operator is added to the mobile invoice. Shown in the invoice like the payment of parking services.

Another situation when an employee uses a deferred payer for private purchases. In this case, no billing is required. This amount is accounted for by the salaries.

Client of Kovoja Mon

Recently, MoQ has also launched a money back program and a decision in Vilnius Park Park park or just to make a decision. this solution is expanding. Some cafes and restaurants have already agreed in digital.

MoQ has also been giving news to maximize visibility and customer base.

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