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Dalius Misiūnas lost his position as head of the Maxima group | Business


"The decision to change the manager of Maxima Group was made in common agreement, with the approach of" Vilniaus prekyba "regarding the development of the company's activities. In these circumstances, it was agreed that the new leader will be assumed by the Maxima Group, "said the group's press release.

Mr. Misiūnas led the Maxima Group from February 2018

"The new race in the Maxima Group is a great appreciation and even greater professional challenge," says J.Riauba in a press release.

Picture of Maxima Group / Justas Riauba

Picture of Maxima Group / Justas Riauba

D. Misiūnas said that "the most important task for shareholders was to prepare the Maxima group for a new stage of activity and development."

"To do this, we successfully distribute the highest bond issuance in the region, acquire and merge several trading networks in Poland, form a strong management team. Also, at the beginning of this year we develop and approve a long-term development strategy for the group until 2025. When planning the next stage of the organization's activities, we agreed that the company needed a new manager, "says Misiūnas in a press release.

Mantas Kuncaitis, CEO of Vilniaus Prekyba, will also join the board of Maxima Group.

J.Riauba since 2013 has held a leading position in the different companies in the group responsible for the investment.

Prior to joining the Maxima group, he coordinated the company Metodika B.V. business development projects Methodology B.V. is a Dutch company controlled by Vilniaus Prekyba and NDX Group, which also carries out the functions of the family office of Nerijus Numavičius.

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