Thursday , July 29 2021

Exploring the unidentified objects in the sky over Ireland observed by pilots

The BBC announces the British Airways pilot on Fridaythis morning Contact the Shannon Airport Traffic Control Station. I wanted to know if there was any military exercise in the area because I noticed a "fast moving object."

The air traffic controller said that there was no exercise in that area.

A pilot traveling from Montreal, Canada to Heathrow airport said he noticed a very bright transmission object that appeared on the left side of the plane and then "moved north".

The woman wanted to know what could be, but said that the object was not a collision threat.

The Virgin Airlines driver also believed that he had seen an unusual phenomenon and thought that it could be a meteor or other object that had crossed the atmosphere of the Earth. He said he noticed "several objects that looked like the same path" and that they were very bright. Pilate said he saw "two bright objects" on the right side of the plane, which increased speed.

Another pilot said that the object or objects moved to "astronomical speed".

What could it be?

Apostles Christou, the Armagh observatory and the astronomer of the planetarium, said it was probably the space dust that crossed the Earth's atmosphere at very high speeds.

"It's very likely that it was the fallen star call," he said. – Witnesses said they saw very bright lights, so I think the object or objects were quite large. I can not say exactly, but from the description of the pilots, dust or cosmic stones could be around the size of a nut or apple. "

The astronomer said that in November, such sky phenomena occur. It is estimated that every year 40,000 tons of cosmic dust reach the Earth's surface.

The Irish Aviation Administration (IAA) is investigating this unusual phenomenon.

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