Tuesday , June 22 2021

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The manager of Agrokoncernas Edgaras Šakys BNS has confirmed that fertilizers will not be bought until A. Miner has been named "Minudobreniya."

"I think that if we keep trying the same relationships, we will not buy it. If the situation changes, we will buy it," said a businessman on Thursday.

This is E. Šakys, who announced that LRT purchased the fertilizer "Minudobreniya" purchased by "Agrokonkerno." These fertilizers acquire an intermediary company in Dubai.

"Agrokonkernas" does not reveal from what country imported the fertilizer imported from Minudobreniya.

"Sometimes we have brokers – we buy it, we find a buyer, we sell it.Purchase and sale can be seen in front of a state border or outside the state border. In this case it was purchased at the limit of Lithuania. From where it was going, I will not tell you now , but I can really emphasize that we import them to the European Union itself, "said E. Šakys.

A. Rotenberg is over 80 percent. Actions of Minudobreniya. Due to close contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin as of 2014, he is subject to international sanctions, but there is no Minudobreniya in the list of sanctions.

Penalties for natural persons impose their entry to the EU and freezing their financial resources, but they do not directly prohibit cooperation with their businesses unless a specific company appears on the list of sanctions.

However, the Foreign Ministry announced yesterday that it recommended that Lithuanian companies refrain from establishing contacts with companies whose owners are in "blacklisted" lists.

E. Saky said that he knew that companies registered in Dubai were buying fertilizers "Minudobreniya", but the owners of this last company were not known by him.

"By the manufacturer, we know what quality is. It can be the name of a fertilizer, the composition of several manufacturers is the same, but the quality may vary," Agrokoncernas said.

He called on the Lithuanian authorities to create an information system for companies, where it would be advisable to see which individuals or companies are advised not to cooperate.

According to E. Šakio, Agrokonkernas itself has no employees looking for business partners.

"There must be some type of institution that publishes a list where you can enter and see that it is better not to work, but work better with it," said the entrepreneur.

According to him, the last contract for the purchase of fertilizers of Minudobreniya was signed last year and was completed in the turn of 2017-2018, and its value was 1%. Agrokonkernas annual turnover.

According to the company's data, this year, the volume of fertilizers purchased in Russia amounted to almost one fifth of the total fertilizers purchased.

The Department of State Security said that trade ties with Russia increase the risk of entering the trap of intelligence in this country.

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