Thursday , May 6 2021

K.Maksvytis equated the game to the European Champions in the next Champions League

The last week of the week of "Neptune" of Klaipeda is marked by two victories: in the FIBA ​​Champions League game at home, one of the favorites of the tournament at the GIS SFG team overtook, while Betsafe-LKL was defeated by basketball players Vilnius "Ryto".

Today the port city crew went to Slovenia, where Kazys Maksvytis Students are waiting for the legendary golf course "Olympia".

The Ljubljana team is the dominant force in Slovenia, up to 17 times triumphing in the country's leadership. This is much more than the second place in Novo Mesto KRKA – 7.

True, the club of the Slovenian capital fell on the throne of the champion for seven years, from 2010 to 2016, but returned to this in 2017 and reiterated this achievement last season.

Olympia petrol plays home games of almost 13 thousand. hosting the Stoizice court in which the Lithuanian national team played in the final of the European Championship 2013.

"Opponents play good European basketball players," said coach Nevis Kazys Maksvytis before the next game. – The game "Olympia Gasoline" is a bit like the Slovenian team, there are still some similar combinations.

The kernel of this crew is made up of local players, but there are important legionaries on paper – Scottie Reynolds, who defended last season at Zenit St. Petersburg and Marvinas Jones, who was at the NBA's threshold.

It's a lot of metrics and two teams with a classic midfielder, so the main objective is to slow down your attack. "

Although Olympia gasoline is an offensive character, the main attacking weapons of this team are still silent for this Champions League season: four wins have won in four games in the last round against Philo Oostende.

According to the average points earned (average 72), the Ljubljana team occupies 28-29 among the 32 teams that have the highest priority.

Gasoline Olympia is the second best player in terms of performance transfers (average 14.5), but the second in terms of the number of errors, with an average of 15.3 times.

"There are many new players in the Slovenian team, so maybe there is lack of experience," said K. Maksvytis. "It's one of the problems with the ball game, so we'll try to take advantage of it."

In the final round, Zoran Martić led the team at 79:73 at the start of the Belgian champion Filou Oostende.

Slovenian Janas Španas is best known for the young violin player K. Maksvydas. The defender picked up 23 points (5/8 trit.).

This 25 year old player is the most valuable basketball player in the petrol Olympics (on average, choosing 18.7 points (57.9 percent) on average, playing 2.3 balls, performing 2.3 in a result and choosing after of 18, 3 points of utility.

"This is a basketball player capable of playing in the positions of an advanced defensive player, which I remember well from the youth team," said the Neptune strategist. – A very good thing, a more attacking character, a little less able to defend. "

Mr Span is the engine of the Olympia of gasoline, which is most evident in the last meeting with the Ostend team. "

The crucial part of the Slovenian team is Scottie Reynolds, a defender of 31 years, choosing 12 points, playing 3 balls and performing after 6.5 successive transfers.

True, the American lost the last match with Philo Oostende because of the trauma and it is not clear if tomorrow will appear on the parquet.

S. S. Reynolds is a different type of forward than Mr. Span is more aggressive and the more he wants to push towards the basket. Lately he suffered injuries, wondering if he will play tomorrow. If he does, he will have to stop the advance, "emphasized K. Maksvytis.

The "Olympia" petrol shirt this season is known to the Lithuanian Mirza Beygi, who in the 2009-2010 season was in Kaunas "Žalgiris".

The 33-year-old midfielder, 216 cm long, plays 15.6 minutes, returns 6.8 points and hits 3.5 points.

"This basketball player acquires the role of the center of support. M. Begich plays a bit, but as in the old days, it is dangerous near the basket: he plays well with his back, he also combines two to two. We will try to try to stop him "said the Neptune Assistant.

The four winners of four wins won the fourth place in group D. At that time, with a single victory, "Gasoline Olympia" shared the 5-7th place.

Neptune, who is thinking about the second round, has not yet won the winning trip, and hopes to open his account in Ljubljana.

"I could not say Olympia gasoline is an outsider. The first round has not yet finished, so you have to pay a little more and it's hard to play in the Champions League against the whole team.

However, we have motivation, we still have not won the trip, and if we want to think about the next stage, we must start doing it, "K. Maksvytis was optimistic.

The match with "Olympia Petrol" begins Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. You will have a live meeting with the LRT Plus network.

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