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Karbauskis vs. Landsbergis: who will be the first?

Ramūnas Karbauskis, president of Unión Landa Peasant and Verde (LSU), predicts the celebration of the best performance among all the parties.

"We expect about 300 seats in the councils. It will be the largest number of all the parties, and it is still difficult to say about the number of vacancies of the mayor, but according to the number of vacancies of the mayor, we will also win," Karbauskis said. According to the politician, the ambitions for the party are real, since "peasants" are visible nationally and their work is visible.

"After two and a half years, we are a party that has not promised anything, but a holiday that has done a specific job," said the president of the LSSR.

However, Gabriel Landsbergis, leader of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD), says Karbauskis should not be so optimistic. According to him, the largest number of mandates in the TS-LKD.

, R. Karbauskis promised to win all elections beginning with Sakiai, so I try to doubt his double orphan. TS-LKD expects the parties to be among the first to remember the result of 2015 when we were the second party after the Social Democrats for the number of municipal councilors. We hope that this year can be achieved, as far as mandates are really not as important here, "said Landsbergis.

Speaking about the number of vacancies of the mayor, Landsbergis said that most of the conservative municipal candidates would have to go to the second rounds.

At that time, the liberal leader Eugenijus Gentvilas was more specific. He said liberals should reach 150-170 mandates and 8 mayors.

"The clear leadership is in Rietavas, Jurbarkas, Joniškis, Elektrėnai, Trakai. We expect in the Klaipėda and Klaipėda district, but it can happen in different ways. In Tauragė, Kėdainiai, Varėna, Anykščiai, Zarasai, Plungė, Akmenė our people will enter the second round, "said E. Gentvilas.

Gediminas Kirkilas, the leader of Social Workers, said they would not predict the number of mandates from board members, but said they would win four mayors.

"We do not count, we participate. How much will we win our victory (…) We are planning to get three and four positions of mayor. Great competition everywhere, perhaps only one mayor will win the first round. And most will be in the second The fact that some of the voters are disappointed and will not leave their candidates, but others are distracted, but in the Klaipeda district, Panevėžys, Kalvarija, I think we'll really get to the second round, "said Kirkilas. .

According to the Social Democratic leader Gintautas Paluckas, despite the highly competitive competitive environment, the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania (LSDP) will try to keep the available mayor positions.

"Today we have about 300 mandates and 11 mayors, our goal is to have at least 11 mayors and directly elected representatives in the 60 municipalities. A specific figure is very difficult to predict," said the president of the LSDP.

Meanwhile, Valdemaras Tomaševskis, leader of the Polish-Lithuanian Electoral Action – Christian Family Union (LLRA-KŠS) said he had no intention of losing their existing positions.

"We do not have a goal in the country to occupy many places or publications: it's just a tool to help people," said Tomashevsky. According to him, LLRA-CSO will participate in the municipality of Vilnius, which currently has 65 mandates in the municipalities.

The leader of the Order and Justice Party (TT), Remigijus Žemaitaitis, said the party hopes to receive the same number of seats in the plates as in the previous elections – 81 commands. According to him, the mayor's charges continue to have Kalvaria and Silute. R. Žemaitaitis also believes that in Raseiniai, Šilalė, Klaipėda, Gargždai, Kretinga, Pakruojis, Pasvalys, Prienai, Lazdijai, the candidates for mayors will go to the second round of elections.

"We hope to receive as many seats as we did in the previous period, which would be the ideal … I think the mayors will be where they were last, both in Calvary and in Silute, and they have found very good positions in Raseiniai, Šilalė, Klaipėda, Gargždai, Kretinga, Pakruojis, Pasvalys, Prienai, Lazdijai. There are quite a few people who have worked for many years as mayors, mayors, directors, public figures, councilmen, everything will depend on participation, "said R. Žemaitaitis.

On Wednesday, early voting began in the municipal elections. The vote will take place on Sunday, March 3.

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